How to Wear an Emerald Stone?

Emerald stone (which is also known as Panna in Hindi) is one of the finest stone in the world. It is not only known for its celestial effects and its beautiful green colour but also for its typical and correct way by which it should be used by the wearer.

Read out Procedure to Wear and Emerald Gemstone or Panna Stone

1) As this stone is affiliated by the planet Mercury and its powers on the planet Earth, one should be very careful while wearing it. One lesser known fact is that these stones/ gems are valueless unless worn against the skin and also until the required weight is measured.

2) It is said that that the minimum weight for it to be able to work and show its immense powers should be 1-2 carats. It can go as high as 4-5 carats.

3) There is a proper method and procedure through which this stone has to go before adorning on the human body.

4) Since this gem is associated with the planet Mercury. And mercury is known to be a planet of intelligence, spiritualism, wisdom, money and to reunite oneself with the soul. It is very crucial to perform certain rituals before wearing it.

5) To gain its benefits to the fullest, some rituals should be performed. It is believed to pull all its beneficial factors when the gem itself is pure.

6) From the raw stone dug out of the mines to the jeweler from whom one buys it, it goes through a lot of negative energies because of which it kind of gets impure and not of its best quality.

7) Planet Mercury is known to be the planet of the day Wednesday. So to acquire the most of it , the gem is worn on Wednesday morning

8) However, the stone is bought the day before,and purified by placing it carefully in a glass container mixed with some other purest forms of liquids I.e. Gangajal, honey and milk (preferably not boiled).

9) Even Gangajal or milk would do alone too. Keep the vessel covered overnight.

10) Next day in the Shukla Paksha (that is from 5 to 7 am) it is to be opened and cleaned with some water.

11) The one who has to wear it should sit on a green sheet or a quilt and while wearing it, chant a mantra which is entirely dedicated to the Lord Buddha, the God of Mercury.

12) Since ancient times, chanting of Vedic Mantras is known to be quite beneficial.

13) Mantrs bring out the positive energy within you and expels all the negative energy.

14) An aura of positivity is created around the body.

15) While wearing the Emerald stone, one should repeatedly chant OM BUDHAYE NAMAHA for 108 times.

16) This way an aura is created around you who mean you are ready to receive all that is going to be offered by the stone.

17) The Emerald stone is usually worn in the right little finger or the little finger of the working hand.

18) Also getting it framed in a silver or gold rim is quite beneficial. No other metal should be used.

19) The gem should be jeweled in the form of either ring or a pendent.

20) It should touch the skin otherwise it will be of no use.

21) Every six months the gem should be purified with the same procedure as mentioned above because it might lose its powers gradually with time

22) As it releases positive energy for you, it is receiving negative energy from you at the same time.

23) So it is important to purify it to acquire the most of it.

Marcus Aurelius said, one should shine like an Emerald, without diminishing his sunshine. So, true for such a wondrous stone on Earth.


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