Emerald Stone Price Guide

Emerald is known to be one of the most sacred, profane and a luxurious stone. Even the original quality has a variation in in its price. It is a complicated deal to set a particular price. An interested buyer can spend hours and hours to find a suitable colored gem which can assure him peace, security and spiritual wellbeing. After he finds one, he can spend another few days to negotiate the price he must pay for that stone.

Panna or Emerald Stone Price Guide:

To dismay, there is no such calculated price list according to the quality of the coloured gem. Neither there is a single category according to which this coloured gem may be priced. But still there are surely some factors which help a buyer to actualize the fact and guides him to buy the stone.

1) If the colour of the gem is a beautiful eye pleasing green with almost no inclusions and is a rare entity in the market that means it is a top-notch gem as far as quality and price is concerned.

2) Generally speaking, the gems that are rare in the market are usually pricier than the regular gems or stones. For e.g. Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Diamonds are richly priced than the Garnet, Amethyst and Peridots.

3) The Emerald that is procured from Columbia is the purest and the most authentic form of the stone. Mostly kings and heritage families buy such a purest form of stone to make it an heirloom piece of their family. These Emerald stones are rarely found.

4) The Emerald that comes from the Zambia and Brazil mines are considered to be the second most authentic and pure form of the stone. They do have noticeable inclusions but can be ruled out given the price of it.Its availability is not utterly rare. It is available with jewelers who deal with high quality gems.

5) The third quality Emeralds are found almost in all parts of the world I.e. India, Pakistan, Australia, Afghanistan, Russia, United States etc. etc. these are almost ubiquitously found.

6) The price of this luxurious gemstone also depends on the carats I.e if a stone if of 1 carat, the price will range may be somewhere between Rs. 6,000-8,000. But the 2 carat stone might not be double the price of the 1 carat stone simply because it might be of some either better quality or may be of degraded quality. Here are some price ranges to help you out in your choice of the stone.

  • Zambian Emerald stone Prices: they range from Rs. 3,000-90,000 per carat

  • Colombian Emerald stone Prices: they range from Rs. 5,000-60,000 per carat

  • Brazilian Emerald stone Prices: they range from Rs. 2,000-20,000 per carat

7) Colour of the Emerald gemstone also plays an important factor in its pricing. A pure green gem without any inclusions, or any hues of colours like yellow, red or white commands the highest price.

8) Nonetheless, when talked about purity, based on color of the Emerald stone, it again depends on region to region. I.e. if an Emerald belongs to Zambia, the colour will be rich green and if it belongs to Columbia, the colour will be slightly different I.e. grass pale green.

9) Opacity is a factor that comes into consideration when picking out a price guide. The more the opaqueness of the stone, the more the inclusions and lesser the price of the stone. That means opaqueness is inversely proportional to the price of the stone.

10) On the contrary, the clearer the stone, with almost no inclusions or slight inclusions, the higher is the price of the stone. But then there is a glitch here. Usually it is found that the stone which is free of inclusions and bubbles is mostly predicted as a fake one.

11) The price of the Emerald stone also depends on its cut.

12) The Emerald is cut in a step cut. So that the light passes through and creates flashes of light also known as hall of mirrors effect.it is cut in an elongated, rectangular shape. To avoid the loose hanging ends, it is rounded off from the edges.

13) A well cut, well burnishes and polished Emerald stone are costlier that it’s other counterparts.

14) If a gem is not cut according to its standard norms, its price declines.

15) The stones that are cut precisely are much more expensive as the waste residual is more.

So if all the above facts and factors are kept in mind while buying the Emerald, it is surely to positively and spiritually benefits. These miraculous gemstones will colour your life.


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