How to Check if an Emerald Stone is Real or Fake

There are 9 gemstones which are known and meant for each zodiac sign. Even otherwise these stones are worn and used by people to pursue wisdom and happiness in their lives. One such gemstone is Emerald stone. This stone is affiliated with the celestial planet Mercury. That is why purity and credibility of this stone is of utmost importance.

An original Emerald not only showers us with its blessings in the form of happiness, spiritual peace and mental stability, but also gives us the wisdom to choose the correct and wrong. It stands as a brand ambassador of one’s happy and peaceful life because it is directly or indirectly linked to fetching us celestial powers. With so many powers that this precious stone comes with, it is meant and ought to be expensive and almost unreachable for many.

How to Check if an Emerald Stone is Real or Fake?

It is important to ponder over all the aspects that make the original Emerald different from the fake one. Let’s take a look at the various factors that play the role in digging out the facts.

Physical Properties of an Emerald or Panna Stone:

1. The original Emerald is a bit diffused in its composition than the fake one. I.e. if viewed with naked eyes one can see bubbles or irregularities within the stone. However, if observed closely through the magnifying glass, one can see some irregularities deep inside the stone too. On the contrary, the fake ones, being manufactured in the specialized laboratories which have high quality machinery and make sure that proper heat and exact amount of temperature is reached while condensing and curing the stone. Such a rigorously made stone might sometimes have no discrepancies visible to the naked eyes. But when viewed from a magnifying lens, one may see a negotiable amount of bubbles, yet no irregularities.

2. Since the imitations are made in laboratories, these green stones are very well polished, sharpened edges and have a nice finishing all over. They look really attractive in the first sight. But if taken into consideration the long term of its use, these synthetic stones worn out very soon and the edges become unglazed and within a period of time the sharpness goes off. While the authentic Emerald stone is quite sharp physically. And even with due course of time its sharpness and glaze won’t go off.

3. Often the gem sellers sell original Emerald by augmenting the size of it. This is done by adding a few layers (mostly double or triple) layers of either green glass or green coloured plastic. This way not only does the stone’s size augments but also the looks are changed. The appearance is much clearer and esthetic. But to identify such a fraud, one can look closely and with a tangent angle in the natural light of sun and easily make out the layers been merged together.

Chemical Properties of an Emerald or Panna Stone:

1. The hardness of the original Emerald is much higher than the fake one.

2. It can be counted as 7.5-8 on the scale of Mohs whereas the hardness of the imitation one varies from material to material by which it is made.

3. Emerald is a variety of the mineral Beryl. The chemical composition is Be3Al2(SiO3)6

4. It is also has trace amounts of Chromium and Vanadium which imparts it the green color.

5. As it is made up of natural minerals it is less likely to cause any allergic reactions on the body part wherever it is worn, whereas the unauthentic stone can prove to be more allergic and sometimes induce anaphylactic reactions on some very sensitive individuals which can prove to be fatal.

Money Value of an Emerald or Panna Gemstone:

1. Nonetheless the Emerald stone is a luxurious gem i.e. it is quite expensive. Usually the original stone is found only with the certified gem dealers. One should try and find a certified person for the same to utilize all its benefits.

2. If the gem seller gives you the cheap and giveaway deal for the stone, it goes without saying that the stone is an imitation and not the authentic one.

Dealers doing frauds by selling imitations in the name of real gems in the same price should be exposed because they are not only demeaning themselves but also are playing with others sentiments and beliefs.


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