Benefits of Wearing Emerald Stone

Here you can know all the benefits of wearing an emerald stone. Since time immemorial gemstones have been a part of either the belief systems of people around the world or a so called superstitions. But science too understands and has researched about these stones and has found eternal energies which really help humanity in seeking purity, peace, emotional and mental harmony. Women of all age groups adorn these stones as jewelry either ring the form of a ring or a talisman.

Benefits of Wearing Emerald Stone or Panna Gemstone:

Talking about their benefits , each stone has its own importance in itself. Depending on the type and the planet it belongs to, the benefits range from person to person.

When we talk about gemstones, a common name that comes to our mind, is EMERALD stone. It has a beautiful lively colour. Emerald is known to be the gemstone of the planet Mercury.Panna, the hindi name of the beautiful gemstone, brings a lot of benefits if mercury is placed rightly in your horoscope. You can tremendously benefit from wearing the stone.

Since mercury is known to be a domain of intelligence, a person benefits from it in tremendous ways.

It enhances thinking abilities, mental status at the time of distress when normally people get tensed and anxious in any situation. It gives immense wisdom to do justice and take correct decisions.

The colour of this stone ranges from dull sea green to dark green. And its hue ranges from translucent to completely opaque. It is said that the stone which has a dull light sea green colour is more effective in its properties. Also the price range is high of such a stone.

Emerald is known to enhance intelligence of an individual thereby rendering decisions based on wisdom one pursues after wearing this stone. It basically involves the heart chakra. That is why all the diseases related to this chakra are known to be cured by wearing this stone.

Heart chakra involves allergies, breast cancer, circulation, fatigue, heart diseases, lungs related problems etc. it is very important that the wearer should consult a good stargazer and find himself a good quality emerald, because the energy flow is not proper when it comes to the bad quality of the stone. To heal the health related issues one needs to take care of this aspect as well. This sacred stone is particularly used to energize the mind and psyche with positive vibrations.

Most people wear the stone when the Mercury is not placed in a correct position in relation to the wellbeing of the individual. By wearing this stone as a ring or as a neckpiece one can pacify the Mercury and take plenty of benefits it has to offer.

The planets Mercury channels the penetrating understanding of the situation and reacts accordingly. Since it is healer of the human soul, it is well respected and kept as a thing of honour. Also people wear it with utter affection because they believe it to channel their soul letting them seek spirituality.

When a person has so much control over the feelings and knows what is the best decision for him, his soul becomes free of debt of guilt, jealousy, anxiety and frustration. As a result of whichlife style problems such as high blood pressure gets in control and amnesia, insomnia gets cured. Similarly, it also aids in life long disease such as no self-esteem problems go away in no time. It also acts as a boon to the pregnant ladies. As they wear it, Emerald not only fills them with utter positivity due to its immense spiritual guidance, but also aids in giving strength and patience during the time of their labour. Also even at the time of post-pregnancy it helps tranquilizing the inflammation and pain.

Apparently, it is said to be very helpful in nervous problems of our body, it relieves patients of epilepsy in getting less frequent attacks.Although some claim that the disease will be removed from the root itself, but unfortunately it will run its course. Epilepsy is really contagious.

Emerald stone establishes a strong relationship with the creative self. It gives a person the space to dive into his artistic self and let him come out with the new creations which would prove beneficial for him as well as the society. Apart from understanding the complexities of life, one understands the true meaning of life. And in the process learns to solve the problems with wisdom.

Emerald stone improves the expression of the language, fills it with explicitly. Furthermore, it is helpful in assuring in a person’s self-confidence since his speech is clear and he is muchcomprehended in his thoughts and wisdom. It creates a positive and mentally healthy environment so that one can concentrate on his work.

Likewise, Emerald stone has benefits regarding respiratory system, i.e. if a person has difficulty in breathing or is asthmatic; the stone helps in curing these common ailments. Well placed mercury can be of so much beneficial that money and fame will come without any encumbrance. It also helps in a person’s confidence to face the public, speaking clearly and with √©lan to the people around him.

On the contrary, if the mercury is not placed correctly or it is poorly placed in a person’s horoscope it can produce malicious effects too. It affects health very significantly. And the issues with the health can be seen right away. From physical aspects to the mental aspects, its malicious effects have been known to the humanity. It can show up as skin allergies to some sensory disorders. That is why it is said that this stone should be worn with a lot of precise instructions given either by your star teller or an astrologer.

A good quality Emerald is of a high importance. Before wearing it one should consult their astrologer. Pregnant ladies are asked to wear it in a silver frame in the form of a ring in the little finger. And for others it is recommended that they wear it either in gold or a silver frame for lasting benefits. Also before wearing it, one should dedicate the stone to the Almighty, so that its effects are always positive and profound.

That's all you have got all the benefits of wearing emerald stone above. Don't forget to share it with your friends and loved ones.


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