How to Wear an Emerald Stone?

Emerald stone (which is also known as Panna in Hindi) is one of the finest stone in the world. It is not only known for its celestial effects and its beautiful green colour but also for its typical and correct way by which it should be used by the wearer.
Read out Procedure to Wear and Emerald Gemstone or Panna Stone
1) As this stone is affiliated by the planet Mercury and its powers on the planet Earth, one should be very careful while wearing it. One lesser known fact is that these stones/ gems are valueless unless worn against the skin and also until the required weight is measured.

2) It is said that that the minimum weight for it to be able to work and show its immense powers should be 1-2 carats. It can go as high as 4-5 carats.

3) There is a proper method and procedure through which this stone has to go before adorning on the human body.

4) Since this gem is associated with the planet Mercury. And mercury is known to be a planet of intelligence, spiritualism, wisdom, money and to r…

How to Check if an Emerald Stone is Real or Fake

There are 9 gemstones which are known and meant for each zodiac sign. Even otherwise these stones are worn and used by people to pursue wisdom and happiness in their lives. One such gemstone is Emerald stone. This stone is affiliated with the celestial planet Mercury. That is why purity and credibility of this stone is of utmost importance.

An original Emerald not only showers us with its blessings in the form of happiness, spiritual peace and mental stability, but also gives us the wisdom to choose the correct and wrong. It stands as a brand ambassador of one’s happy and peaceful life because it is directly or indirectly linked to fetching us celestial powers. With so many powers that this precious stone comes with, it is meant and ought to be expensive and almost unreachable for many.
How to Check if an Emerald Stone is Real or Fake?
It is important to ponder over all the aspects that make the original Emerald different from the fake one. Let’s take a look at the various factors tha…

Emerald Stone Price Guide

Emerald is known to be one of the most sacred, profane and a luxurious stone. Even the original quality has a variation in in its price. It is a complicated deal to set a particular price. An interested buyer can spend hours and hours to find a suitable colored gem which can assure him peace, security and spiritual wellbeing. After he finds one, he can spend another few days to negotiate the price he must pay for that stone.
Panna or Emerald Stone Price Guide:
To dismay, there is no such calculated price list according to the quality of the coloured gem. Neither there is a single category according to which this coloured gem may be priced. But still there are surely some factors which help a buyer to actualize the fact and guides him to buy the stone.

1) If the colour of the gem is a beautiful eye pleasing green with almost no inclusions and is a rare entity in the market that means it is a top-notch gem as far as quality and price is concerned.

2) Generally speaking, the gems that ar…

Benefits of Wearing Emerald Stone

Here you can know all the benefits of wearing an emerald stone. Since time immemorial gemstones have been a part of either the belief systems of people around the world or a so called superstitions. But science too understands and has researched about these stones and has found eternal energies which really help humanity in seeking purity, peace, emotional and mental harmony. Women of all age groups adorn these stones as jewelry either ring the form of a ring or a talisman.
Benefits of Wearing Emerald Stone or Panna Gemstone:
Talking about their benefits , each stone has its own importance in itself. Depending on the type and the planet it belongs to, the benefits range from person to person.

When we talk about gemstones, a common name that comes to our mind, is EMERALD stone. It has a beautiful lively colour. Emerald is known to be the gemstone of the planet Mercury.Panna, the hindi name of the beautiful gemstone, brings a lot of benefits if mercury is placed rightly in your horoscop…