Emerald, Panna Stone Benefits, Price & Buying Guide, How to Wear it

According to vedic astrology, emerald represents planet Mercury. This gem stone is a subordinate of Beryl mineral and has wide exhibit of medical advantages. It comes in engaging green shade varying from light green to dark green. It is widely known as Panna in Hindi. It is believed to be “Prince of the navgraha”. It is a very expensive gemstone of fine quality which is mostly found in mines of Scotland and Zambia. It is transparent and doesn’t have any black dots. Such pure emeralds are expensive. Emerald has its effects on mind and helps to get success in studies, business and writings.  According to Vedic astrology it is the birth stone of Virgo and raashi stone of Gemini.

According to vedic astrology, it is said that the studies are dependent on the planet mercury. Students who want to improve their studies and concentration may wear an emerald gemstone, but only after consulting a good astrologer. Emeralds have a long connected with love, passion, studies and mental development.

Who can wear Panna or Emerald Stone?

One whose mercury is in bad houses in their horoscope should wear Emerald. Business persons who want to improve and expand their business can wear emerald after consulting an astrologist. It is also helpful for students who are suffering from lack of concentration. This stone helps in improving concentration and memory. People who want to shine in creative fields like singing, acting, writing etc. can also wear emerald as this helps in improving your mental performance. One need to be extremely creative in order to stand today’s competition and shine in their field. They need to consult an astrologist and take suggestion on wearing an emerald stone.

Benefits of wearing emerald or panna gemstone:

1) Planet mercury is said to be linked with knowledge and shrewdness of an individual.

2) Emerald gemstone is interfaced with planet mercury and wearing this empowers the planet when it is poorly set in once horoscope.

3) This gemstone is linked with attitude and insights of persons.

4) It helps in building thinking force.

5) Wearing an emerald can decrease the shots of a delayed work of a pregnant lady.

6) It is also known to recuperate issues related to skin, blood and heart. Emerald is related to anahata (heart chakra).

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How to wear panna stone or emerald gemstone ?

Wearing an emerald should only be considered after consulting an astrologist. If your horoscope has malefic effects of mercury, then you should wear emerald stone. The best procedure to wear this stone is:

  • Take a 3 to 6 carat emerald gem stone.
  • Emeralds from Zambia or Scotland are considered to be pure and good as per astrology. Make sure your gemstone is original.
  • Emeralds should be appended in gold or a silver ring.
  • Before wearing this ring, activation and purification of a stone is must.
  • On Wednesday of sukla paksha early morning, dip the gemstone in milk, honey or holy water for about 20 to 30 minutes. After taking it out, light dhoop sticks and chant the mantra of lord bhudda “Om bhoo bhuddaya namah” for 11 times.
  • Now wear the ring on your little finger.

Which is the best substitute for an astrological panna or emerald gemstone?

Emerald is a very rare and costly gem. Everyone cannot afford the original emerald. Though no other substitute works as well as emerald, but to make it easier astrologers have come with some alternative gemstones which can serve up to some extent.

There are various alternatives for emerald gemstone. Green Onex, Dark Torquise, Green Agate, Malachite, Pareidot are some of its main substitutes which are in consideration. Among all the most used or preferred substitute for emerald is Pareidot. Next to that is Green Tourmaline.

Pereidot: It is a gem-like structure which belongs to the magnesium rich silicate mineral family of Olivine. It occurs in the earth’s mantle layer peridotite xenoliths and lava. It is mainly available in Egypt, Hawaii, Australia, Myanmar, China, Nevada, Pakisthan and Tanzania. This is in green colour similar to that of emerald. It is popularly known as “Poor man’s emerald”.

Green Tourmaline: This represents a semi-precious crystalline boron silicate gemstone. It is mined from granite, granite pegmatite and metamorphic rocks. They are available in different colours like black, green, brown, pink, and violet. It is cheaper when compared with emerald but have similar benefits and looks.

Price of emerald or panna stone

The price of the emerald gem is dependent up on factors like quality, weight and treatment that stone has underwent. Untreated and natural emerald stones start from Rs. 500 to Rs. 30000 per carat. Emeralds from Colombia range between Rs. 4600 to 300000 per carat. That of Zambian emerald range from Rs. 2700 per carat to 300000 carat.

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Which emerald or panna gemstone should I buy?

There are three popular varieties in natural emerald. They are Colombian emerald, Zambian emeralds and etc… Out of all Colombian gemstone is considered as most effective gem. Apart from the natural once, one can also choose green Tourmaline and Pereidot.

Where should I buy natural emerald gemstone or panna stone?

There are many dealers out in the market who sell duplicate gems in the name of original emerald gemstones. It is must to test the gem in a lab before you buy it. Whenever you go to buy emeralds ask for a free lab certificate along with it. This helps in finding out the original gemstones and the synthetic or treated stones. Always purchase from a reputed shop. Also make sure that you gem is natural emerald and not any other substitutes.

How to check the quality of the emerald or panna gemstone?

The quality of the gemstone depends up on factors like cut, weight, colour and clarity. Emerald gem one of the purest gems that are available. For astrological purposes, the quality is mainly dependent on the clarity of the stone. This gem stone will be smooth to touch. The weight and cut of the gemstone is not considered much when talking about the astrological benefits of the stone.

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